Saturday, February 21, 2009

My Masterpiece!

Naths Ryder

When I was just a little boy,
My life was very interesting and full of joy.
Friends have seen me as being vivacious,
Because for me everything is precious.

I yearned to have a peaceful and meaningful life.
To love and to be loved all day light.
To have a stable job and family will unite.
But to my surprise, it has gone from sight.

I have grown up without proper guidance and direction
Doing everything without taking into consideration
I don’t know where I am leading
It seems that my life has no meaning.

All by myself, I faced the problems
Sorrows, pains and heartaches that overwhelms
I have ambitions but still remain dreams
Perhaps I can’t achieve those longings due to strains

Shyness is my biggest weakness
It hindered my emotional maturity and happiness
Half of my life and momentous times I miss
Many viewed me as unfriendly and so I feel uneasiness

I feel I’m not matured enough to be independent
I feel like a child in mind not prudent
I feel much seldom and boredom
Inside me I feel like having a frightful breakdown

I am a peaceful and shy person
Having many perspirations and only inspiration
I used to live in an anarchic situation
I’m frightened due to quarrels and contentions.

Everytime my heart beats faster
I am always thinking of what will happen later
It seems that every word they utter
Shakes my whole world, so I can’t move proper

Truly I’m not happy and contented at all
I feel like unimportant and pitiable
To do great things I’m disable
Maybe I should have to wait and be humble

How I wish to have a miraculous situation
How I wanted to feel a tender loving affection
I hope it will come to reality, not just an illusion
That I am living in a true imagination.

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