Friday, September 12, 2008

Best Qoutable Qoutes . . .

These are the best lines which are taken from the English compositions of our students:
"When I was a child, how I wish to grow up and fall in love, but when I grow up and fall in love, how I wish to be a child again because it's easier to heal a broken knee than a broken heart."
- R. V. D S (BSIT 1)
"Even if they say bad things to you when you are with them, but if you are gone, the things that you don't expect them to remember, they will remember it."
- J. I. L. (BSED 1)
"Life offers a lot of discouraging trials, but those were to fortify us and to help us in widening our minds in accepting the realities of life."
- A. O. E (BSC 1)
"I am a strict looking person, unapproachable, but it's my nature and this is all I want to say, "What you see is never always what you get. Judge me? Well, it depends on what you see. But knowing me? It is your creativity to look deeper, peel whatever cover, so you coud see because deep within me is what made me human."
- Y. D. P (BSC 1)
"A duck in a pond is calm and careless but what you don't see under the water is stressed and struggling feet. Lesson? What you see is not always what it seems."
- Y. D. P. (BSC 1)
"I want to be remembered as a person who used to be nobody yet because of my expereinces, I have become somebody."
- R M P. L. (PCO 1)
"For I don't pretend just to flatter someone."
- D. B. P. (PCO 1)
"I'm not a good adviser but if you feel you need an advice from me, just tell me . . . I'm free always."
- V. M. D L. (PCO 1)
"I'm not that numb not to feel the sadness and the fear. I know she wanted to let the pain released but she like to show some strenght than to cry."
- M. D. A (PCO 1)
"The older I become, the more I realized how important it is to hope then despair."
- J. A. (PCO 1)

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