Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Luoy na lang ta ani . . .

I guess, this is the most pressured day of my life. Simply because I am doing things which are not supposed to be done by me but since there is no one to complete these things, I have to do these on my own.
Much of my desire to be able to publish at least one school paper every semester, but circumstances which are beyond my control hindered us to have even one publication. I heard different annoying statements of many students about our publication but I cannot react because they are entitled to complain because they paid it.
The greatest challenge for handling a school organ is motivating our correspondents or writers to write articles for the publication. Even if I tried to reach for them, but they lack passion in writing. I know that it's not easy to write news articles, editorial opinions, feature stories, and much more in writing sports news because this is the hardest part of a newspaper due to its special lingo. But the challenge of trying to do your best is the most important thing. At least you have proven and you have tried. It is more lonesome if you have not tried doing those things when you have the ability to perform it. You can never turn back time if you will not do the necessary things for the benefit of all.
If nobody would try to cooperate even if they have put their names as members, what can I do, write items for THEM. There are also members who are conceited who feels that they are more capable of writing things when in fact, they don't know anything based on their writings. It really annoys me to think that there are a lot of members but no one would like to perform. Pushing others to write what is assigned to him is extremely a disgusting thing. In addition to claiming what you do not own is like slapping your own face. In fairness, there are also correspondents who trying their best to fulfill their tasks although big changes should be done but at least, they have passed their assigned articles. Campus journalists should have an internal drive to write as a means of expressing their outbursts as long as it is reasonable, opinions based on facts, and featurizing their own stories or of others. You must have the will to offer yourself to do something for the good of the publication, anyway, you will be appreciated and your name will be forever be written on the paper. In the future, that remembrance will always be a part of your life.
On the other hand, maybe, they would be very happy to see their names printed in the school paper, but I also hope that they will do their duties in the next issue of our school paper if there will be another. Congratulations to them!

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Kahilak man pud ta ana! Ako ray naluoy nato ani. Sige lang basta ma-enjoy ta tanan . . . bisag kapoy, ok lang!