Saturday, September 13, 2008

My Firsts . . . Kahilak man pud ta ani . . .

It was very memorable to me because I was so excited to go to the stage to receive my certificate. I was also excited because it was my first time to march with my mom. Because of that excitement, I was annoyed because my mother arrived very late and the program was about to start and we were called to march. I slowly walked while staring at my sorroundings to look for my mom, and there she was, running to march with me going to the hall. I was relieved because my mother was there with me. I received many garlands and corsage from my hired friends, hehehe. We were listening intently to our guest speaker that time whom I forgot who was he. During the distribution of the "diplomas" kay peke pa man to gihatag, gitabangan kog tam-ok sa mga garland, nakurat pud ko gamay ug naulaw pud kog dako kay feeling nako valedictorian ko. I enjoyed a lot especially when we took pictures with my family and hired friends - hired kay libre man kaon pagkahuman. We had a little salosalo in our house and everyone attended enjoyed eating our house.

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